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Richard Wm. Wesch

County Attorney


Roger Desjarlais

County Manager




September 16, 2014



If you plan to address the Board, please complete a “Public Comment Card” located on the table outside the Chamber entrance. Completed cards should be returned to the Staff table at the right of the podium prior to the start of the meeting. Or you can submit your comment electronically by clicking on the agenda item below. Then click the “Make a Comment” button that appears in the right column. All back up for this agenda is available on the Internet at PLEASE NOTE:  During this meeting the Board may convene and take action in its capacity as the Lee County Port Authority or the Lee County Government Leasing Corporation.



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Invocation:  Dr. Richard Powell, McGregor Baptist Church


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Public Presentation of Matters by Citizens






Presentation recognizing Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation 10th Anniversary.

(#20140451-Commissioner Hamman



Presentation recognizing International Literacy Day. (#20140529-(Commissioner Mann)



Presentation recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month. (#20140552-Commissioner Manning)






County Manager



Adjust the following accounts receivable balances to reflect anticipated collections: 

A) Department of Transportation, $42,661.75; B) Transit, $10,911.24, ADA-Medicaid, $1,637.60; C) Solid Waste Division, $2,885.65; D) Returned checks for the Department of Community Development, $569.95; E) Animal Services, $84,946.77; F) Utilities Division, $184,888; G) Public Safety Division, $20,425,176.47 (including $12,235,764.93 of contractual allowances that could not be collected anyway).  In the case of Public Safety (EMS), 60% of the write-off is for "contractual allowances," meaning EMS transport fees are above what Medicaid and Medicare will legally reimburse.  The county understands it will not receive the full charge when it is billed, and Medicaid and Medicare understand they will not pay the full charge.  For financial reporting purposes, to accomplish these write-offs, accounts receivable are reduced and a corresponding "allowance for bad debts" is reduced.  The net impact to receivables and assets is -0-.

(#20140473-COUNTY MANAGER)



Approve $3,889,690 purchase of Property and Excess Casualty Insurance for FY14-15:

Through extensive negotiations by the Risk Management office and broker Brown & Brown Public Risk Insurance Agency, we were able reduce premiums by a combined $236,528 in order to secure insurance for FY 14-15.  The expenditure of $3,889,690 is necessary in order to purchase/bind excess property and casualty insurance before the renewal date of October 1, 2014.  Included in this amount is an additional $200,000 to be used to insure current properties that are under construction and not yet completed such as but not limited to the new Transit Administration facility and the Hammond Stadium renovations.  Upon approval funding will be available in the County Administration, Risk Management, General Liability/Self Insurance account. (#20140509-COUNTY MANAGER)



Approve $178,629 purchase of a stand-alone excess insurance policy for the WTE facility:

As a condition of the agreement between Lee County and FPL for the high-voltage interconnection switching station at the Waste to Energy (WTE) facility, a separate standalone excess insurance policy is required.  This policy is not considered part of the overall County insurance program and is paid by the Solid Waste Division.  The expenditure of $178,629 is necessary in order to purchase/bind this standalone excess insurance policy and continue coverage as required by the contract.  Upon approval funding will be available in Solid Waste Insurance and Bonds account. (#20140510-COUNTY MANAGER)



Approve $891,912 purchase of insurance coverage for the Toll Bridges per Admin Code 4-4:

Through negotiations by the Risk Management office and broker Brown & Brown Public Risk Insurance Agency, we were able reduce premiums by $46,729 in order to secure insurance coverage for FY 14-15.  The expenditure of $891,912 is necessary in order to purchase/bind insurance before the renewal date of October 1, 2014.  Upon approval funding will be available in DOT-Tolls (Cape, Midpoint, and Sanibel Bridges) Insurance and Bonds account. (#20140511-COUNTY MANAGER)



Approve resolution to accept $6,500,000 in additional tourist development tax revenues:

Adjusts revenue, reserves, stadium debt service and the beach & shoreline funds.  This will provide a more accurate reflection of tourist tax revenue while adjusting the stadium debt services and beach & shoreline budgets and reserve balances. (#20140521-VISITOR AND CONVENTION BUREAU)




Award $250,000 contract for travel trade representation in the UK, Ireland and Scandanavia:

Approves award of the Proposal for the Visitor and Convention Bureau United Kingdom, Ireland and Scandinavia Representation expenditure of $250,000.00 for this service.  Concur with the selection and ranking by the Proposal Evaluation Committee under Project RFP140337 VCB United Kingdom, Ireland and Scandinavia Representation as follows:  Number 1 – Four Communications LTD; Number 2 – Lotus UK Integrated Communications LTD; Number 3 – Hume Whitehead Limited; Number 4 – Meridian Marketing Services LTD.  Commencing on October 1, 2014 and grant Procurement Management, with County Administration approval, the authority to re-negotiate pricing and renew the proposal if in the best interest of Lee County for two additional one year periods.  Approving award under this Proposal places under contract an experienced travel trade representative to identify, foster, and develop trade relationships with wholesale, retail, airlines, meetings, and incentive trade in United Kingdom, Ireland and Scandinavia on behalf of the VCB with the goal of increasing the international visitor market.





Community Development



Set public hearing concerning River Hall Community Development District boundary changes:

Direct to public hearing on October 7, 2014 consideration of the River Hall Community Development District’s petition to contract/remove approximately 338.19 acres from the boundary of the District and whether the petition for amendment should be supported by the County.  In accordance with §190.046(1)(d), F.S., the District has petitioned the Florida and Water Adjudicatory Commission to reduce the overall acreage of the District. Due to its size, the original River Hall CDD was approved by FLWAC. Consequently, the County is not required to approve the Petition to amend the River Hall CDD’s boundaries. However, while the County is not required to approve the Petition, the County may hold a public hearing to consider the Petition and adopt a Resolution in support of the request or to list its objections. (#20140492-COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT)




County Lands



Purchase vacant parcel for $21,500 for the Burnt Store Road widening project:

Approves voluntary acquisition of a parcel in the amount of $21,500, which is necessary for the Burnt Store Road Widening Project. This item is to approve the purchase of Parcel 268, a vacant residential property acquired by the owner in 2004, necessary for the North segment of the Burnt Store Road Widening Project No. 4088.  This 1.4 mile segment of the widening project is planned for construction in the 2014-2015 fiscal year. All costs associated with this acquisition will be covered by the Lee County Department of Transportation and are budgeted in FY 2013-2014 utilizing Cape and Midpoint surplus tolls.

(#20140490-COUNTY LANDS)



Acquire right-of-way and easement for $1,250 for the Homestead Road widening project:

Approves acquisition of right of way and easement in the amount of $1,250, which are necessary for the Homestead Road Widening Project from Sunrise Boulevard to Alabama Road. This item is to approve the purchase of Parcel 205(646 sq. ft. fee-simple) and Parcel 205 (2,279 sq. ft. slope easement), which are necessary for the Homestead Road Widening Project No. 5063.  Construction of this 2.26 mile widening project is planned for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. Funding for purchase is budgeted in the 2013-2014 CIP from Road Impact Fees in the Central District. (#20140497-COUNTY LANDS)




Human Services



Confirm the appointment of Lee County Health Department Administrator:

Provides Board of County Commissioners confirmation of Robert Palussek to serve as the Administrator of the Florida Department of Health, Lee County Health Department in accordance with Florida Statute 154.04. (#20140554-HUMAN SERVICES)




Accept Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) funds in the amount of $227,344: 

Funding will provide case management, vocational training, and emergency services to Lee County households with income levels below 125% federal poverty level. (#20140503-HUMAN SERVICES)



Authorize staff to apply for a state Challenge Grant to help fund local homeless programs:

The Florida Department of Children and Families’ State Office on Homelessness (SOH) posted notice of the Challenge Grant solicitation on Thursday, August 28, 2014. The Challenge Grant provides up to $300,000 for local Continuums of Care for homeless housing, programs, and/or services. The Lee County Board of County Commissioners is the Lead Agency for the Lee County Continuum of Care. The County solicits local applications for funding, and then combines eligible and approved applications into one consolidated Lee County application for submission to the SOH. (#20140543-HUMAN SERVICES)




Public Resources



Accept $425 in donations from LeeGrows participants:

Authorizes acceptance of a monetary donations in the amount of $425 from participants from the LeeGrows classes.  Accordingly, appropriates budget totaling $425 for future classes.





Facilities Services



Award a $135,320 contract to Page Mechanical Group to replace chillers at East County Library:

Approves award of B-140394 pertaining to Replace Chillers at East County Regional Library at a total cost of $135,320 to the lowest bidder meeting specifications, Page Mechanical Group, Inc.  The current chillers are approximately 15 years old and have surpassed their 10 year life expectancy.  This project was planned, is included in the FY 13/14 budget, and is funded entirely through Library funds.








Authorize application for 2014-2015 State Aid to Libraries Grant Funds:

Authorize application to Florida Department of State, Division of Library Information Services for fiscal year 2014-2015 State Aid to Libraries Grant.  State Statute requires application by October 1, 2014 to be considered eligible for Chapter 257 funds. State Aid funds are used to purchase databases and electronic materials to enhance the collection at all LCLS locations. (#20140508-LIBRARY)







Increase LeeTran Fixed Route and Paratransit service fares:

Authorizes LeeTran to increase fares for LeeTran Fixed Route and Paratransit users effective January 1, 2015.  Fixed Route cash fares would increase from $1.25 to $1.50 and Paratransit fares would increase from $2.50 to $3.00.  In addition, transit bus passes and multi-ride ticket fares would be restructured as reflected in the attached Proposed Fare Structure (Revised) dated August 26, 2014.  The increased revenue will allow LeeTran to provide service improvements as recommended in the Transit Development Plan.  Further directs staff to include the fare increase in the FY14/15 Budget. (#20140525-TRANSIT)




Human Resources



Approve annual merit increase for the Chief Hearing Examiner:

The Chief Hearing Examiner's employment agreement went into effect September 3, 2013. The agreement requires the Chief Hearing Examiner's annual salary to be adjusted annually to reflect merit increases of no less than 4% and no more than 6% of the current salary. (#20140515-HUMAN RESOURCES)



Renew short term and long term disability insurance coverage ($584,109/yr.):

Approve renewal of short term and long term disability insurance coverage for Lee County Employees and participating entities for January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015.  Rates will increase 9% for short term and 42.5% for long term.  The estimated annual long  term disability premium for BoCC is $584,109.  The long term disability premium is funded through departmental budgets and short term disability premiums are fully paid by the employee.  The increases are due to the expiration of 3-year rate guarantees and higher claims experience and loss ratios. (#20140531-HUMAN RESOURCES)



Renew United Healthcare’s Medicare Advantage Plan for eligble county retirees and spouses:

Approve renewal of United Healthcare’s less costly health plan alternative to Medicare eligible retirees and spouses.  The 5% increase in premiums will change the current monthly premium from $404.98 to $425.23.  The premium split is 60/40 between employer and retiree with the employer premium at $255.14 and the retiree premium at $170.09.  Total annual employer premium is approximately $566,410.  About 32% of retirees are enrolled in this plan. (#20140532-HUMAN RESOURCES)



Approve renewal of the Vision Service Plan (VSP) and Dental (Aetna) agreements:

Approve renewal of group vision and dental plans provided to Lee County employees, retirees, dependents and participating entities.  Dental administrative fees will remain the same in 2015.  Employee premiums for vision, which are fully paid for by employees, will increase by 43% in 2015 due to the expiration of a 3-year rate guarantee and plan usage.  The plan design will include co pays for certain lens options.

(#20140533-HUMAN RESOURCES)  




Natural Resources



Adopt a resolution requesting Florida DEP Beach Erosion Control Program grant funding:

Approve Resolution supporting the County’s application for State funding for beach erosion control projects in accordance with Rule 62B-36 Florida Administrative Code.  This competitive grant process can provide FY15/16 funding to offset costs of beach nourishment projects.  Any successful application will return to the Board for future review and approval in the form of a State Funding Agreement.





Animal Services



Accept donations to the Animal Services Trust Fund in the total amount of $140,211.81:

Accepts donations to the Animal Services Trust Fund from the Estate of Oscar Arpin of Charlotte County, and from the Maddie’s Fund “Pet Adoption Days” event, totaling $140,211.81. Authorizes acceptance of $140,211.81 as unanticipated revenue and designates budget expenditures.





Parks and Recreation



Approve Mutual Aid agreement with LCSO for provision of parking enforcement training:

The Mutual Aid Agreement provides for training of certain Parks and Recreation staff as "Parking Enforcement Specialists".  There will be no cost to the county for this training.  Certain staff shall complete the 40 hour recruit curriculum class taught by the Lee County Sheriff's Office and, upon completion are required to obtain state certification.  Certification as Parking Enforcement Specialists will enable these employees to perform duties at all Lee County Parks and Recreation facilities. 





Public Safety



Renew annual service contract for 800 MHz Trunked Radio System with Motorola ($468,000):

Approval of the Services Agreement Contract renewal provides the Department of Public Safety continued maintenance services for the 800 MHz Trunked Radio System mobile and portable radios.  Previously, customers of Lee County’s Radio Services had to enter into separate agreements for maintenance services.  This Service Agreement combines all Lee County radio users under one contract, provides for an annual planned maintenance check, and any required repairs during the year.  Combining all radios under one contract provides a cost savings of $400,248 for all Lee County radio users.  This agreement renewal is for a period of one (1) year, effective October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015 in the amount of $468,000.  Funds are available in account #KF5290352000. (#20140546-PUBLIC SAFETY)







Amend LeeWay Service Center budget to recognize additional revenues from transponder sales:

Amends the FY 13-14 budget of the LeeWay Service Center fund for $800,000 to recognize additional revenue from the sale of new transponders to toll customers and additional expense from the purchase of the transponders. Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise is phasing out an older version of the transponders currently used by Lee County. The change to the new transponders ensures compatibility with the Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise and future plans for national interoperability of toll systems.




Accept 5 year lease-to-own and maintenance agreement for Vac-Con Vacuum Truck ($90,211.34/yr):

Approves the 5-year lease (which includes on-site service and maintenance) of a Vac-Con Vacuum Truck for use by the Operations Division of DOT from Southern Sewer Equipment Sales through Leasing 2, Inc.  Total annual payment is $90,211.34 ($79,211.34 for the lease and $11,000 for maintenance).  Total expense for the five years is $451,056.70.  The lease payment was negotiated based on a piggyback of the Florida Sheriff’s Association Bid No. 13-11-0904 #1619.  This vehicle will replace a 2007 Vac-Con truck that has become unreliable and has reached the end of its useful life.  A total cost of ownership analysis has shown it is more cost effective to lease to own this equipment as the included maintenance agreement minimizes downtime allowing DOT to provide service to the public more efficiently.  The County will own the equipment at the end of the lease term.  Funding for the initial payment has been made available from the auction of surplus equipment; subsequent lease payments will be included in Fleet’s budget.  





Approve a Landscape Maintenance contract – Annual Expenditure ($525,000):

Provides DOT with the means to maintain the roadways core level landscaping, providing mowing maintenance as required by the Leescape Master Plan and using competitively-quoted pricing. This quote includes the following sections of roads: Section 1: Daniels Parkway, from Ben C. Pratt/Six Mile Cypress Parkway to Chamberlin Parkway; Section 2: (Business 41), Edison Bridge from the Caloosahatchee River to West North Shore Avenue; Section 3: (SR 80) Palm Beach Boulevard from Prospect Avenue to Hickey Creek; Section 4: Veterans Parkway, from Pine Island Road (including the retention pond which gets mowed once a month) to the Caloosahatchee River; Section 5: College Parkway, from (SR 867) McGregor Boulevard  to US 41; Section 6: (SR 739) Michael G. Rippe Parkway berm in the east right-of-way from approximately 3,000 feet south of  Briarcliff Road to Briarcliff Road; Section 7: (SR 867) McGregor Boulevard / (SR 865) San Carlos Boulevard, palm frond pickup from Davis Road to Cypress Lake Drive and Summerlin Road to Kelley Road; and Section 8: Three Oaks Parkway, from Corkscrew Road to Alico Road.  Funds are budgeted in DOT’s operating budget from the Transportation Trust Fund which is primarily Unincorporated MSTU funds. (#20140502-TRANSPORTATION)



Approve a $336,633 resurfacing contract Change Order to add two road projects:

This item is for the approval of Change Order No. 3 for the resurfacing of Barrett Road (from Pondella Road to Pine Island Road) and the northbound lanes of Six Mile Cypress Parkway (from Heritage Palms Boulevard to Colonial Boulevard) in the amount of $336,633.00. The County awards three major resurfacing contracts every fiscal year, one for local streets county-wide, one for local streets in Lehigh Acres, and one for arterials and collectors county-wide, plus a minor contract for resurfacing bike paths.  This year after all four contracts have been awarded and due to low bids and cost under runs the resurfacing budget has available budget. DOT is requesting approval to add two additional roads to the arterial/collector contract from FY 2013. These two roads are part of DOT’s priority list and can be done sooner than expected due to the available budget.  Funding is available in the FY 2013/14 Major Maintenance budget using local option gas taxes. (#20140519-TRANSPORTATION)







Award $390,881 CM Agreement with Westco Builders for construction of a maintenance building:

Approves award of Construction Manager Agreement to Westco Builders of Florida, Inc. (a local contractor) in the amount of $390,881.00 to construct a new 2,800 square foot metal maintenance building at the LCU College Parkway property.  The new building will provide warehouse storage for maintenance supplies and electrical and mechanical parts and equipment.  Currently these supplies and spare parts are stored at various facilities throughout Lee County.  Having a centralized warehouse location will increase efficiency, productivity, and inventory accountability.  The total estimated project cost is $452,614, including the costs for incidental work to be performed by LCU staff, such as the water and sewer line connections; relocation of an existing shed that is in conflict with the location of the new building, and minor landscaping work.  This project was initially included in the FY 12/13 CIP budget and has been carried over and is included in the FY 13/14 CIP budget.  A budget transfer is needed since construction costs are higher than originally estimated.  Funds will be transferred from 3 different projects that have been completed: the WWTP Odor Control Improvements project; the Bus. 41 Water Line Upgrade project; and the Alico Road Water Main Relocation project. (#20140505-UTILITIES)



Set a public hearing for Oct 7, 2014 to initiate the Yacht Club Colony Distribution Rehab project:

Direct to public hearing the Initiating Resolution for the Yacht Club Colony Distribution Rehabilitation project.  A public hearing by the Board is necessary to adopt an initiating resolution to authorize the water line construction, levying assessments on benefitted properties and financing options to recover the cost of the capital improvement.  Utilities is also reuesting approval of the engineering design plans, specifications of the improvements, project construction cost estimate and tenative apportionment of costs.  These items will then be made available to the public for review by the Clerk's office.  (#20140513-UTILITIES)




Approve $462,500 contract with D.B. Construction Services for improvements at Pinewoods WWTP:

Approves formal bid B-140295 Pinewoods Water Treatment Plant Chemical Tank Replacement Project to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder, D.B. Construction Services, Inc., and authorizes execution of the construction contract in the amount of $ 462,500.00.  The project will provide Lee County Utilities with a qualified contractor to remove and install new Sodium Hydroxide and Sulfuric Acid bulk chemical storage tanks and associated equipment that has reached the end of its useful life, due to the corrosive nature of these chemicals.   The total project cost for both design and construction is $534,679.  This project was initiated in FY 12/13 and has been carried over and included in the FY 13/14 CIP budget.  Current fund balance in this project is $437,868.  A budget transfer is needed due to the estimated project value was low and escalation in construction costs.  Funds will be transferred from the Page Park Waterline Improvements project since construction phasing for Page Park has been postponed until next fiscal year. (#20140514-UTILITIES)



Approve $1,896,000 contract with Cardinal Contractors for Fiesta Village WWTP improvements:

Approves formal bid B-140101 Fiesta Village WWTP Headworks and Odor Control Improvements Project to the lowest responsive, responsible, qualified bidder, Cardinal Contractors, Inc., and authorizes execution of the construction contract in the amount of $1,896,000.00.  The project will provide Lee County Utilities with a qualified contractor to rehabilitate the Fiesta Village WWTP headworks and odor control system.  The total project cost for design and construction is $2,057,500.  This project was initiated in FY 11/12 and has been carried over and included in the FY 12/13 and FY 13/14 CIP budgets.  Current balance in this project is $1,489,285. A budget transfer is needed due to the estimated project value was low and escalation in construction costs.  Funds will be transferred from the Page Park Waterline Improvements project since construction phasing for Page Park has been postponed until next fiscal year.




Approve $564,396 contract with Andrew Sitework for San Carlos WWTP Force Main Diversion:

Approves contract with Andrew Sitework, LLC to construct a force main diverting all wastewater flow from the San Carlos Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) to the Three Oaks WWTP system.

Approves award of formal bid B-140403 San Carlos WWTP Force Main Diversion project to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder, Andrew Sitework, LLC, and authorizes execution of the construction contract in the amount of $564,396.00.  The construction contract includes installation of approximately 6,710 LF of 8-inch sewage force main, upgrading the onsite lift station sewage pumps, and replacing the onsite lift station electrical control panel.  The total project cost for both design and construction is $662,713.  This project was initiated in FY 12/13 and has been carried over and included in the FY 13/14 CIP budget.  The San Carlos WWTP Force Main Diversion is funded from Utilities’ connection fees and capital improvement funds and is included in the LCU FY13-14 CIP budget. (#20140517-UTILITIES)



Award Advance Metering Information System contract to Ferguson Waterworks:

Approves award of RFP140209 ADVANCE METERING INFORMATION SYSTEM (AMI) for 5/8 INCH THROUGH 1 INCH COLD WATER METERS to Ferguson Waterworks for a one-year pilot program in the amount of $136,169.06 The one-year pilot program will test the AMI system equipment and software on approximately 350 water meters.  If the AMI system is found to be acceptable by staff after the one-year pilot program, LCU will then negotiate with Ferguson Waterworks to implement a full system wide AMI deployment program over an eight-year period. The total project cost, including both the one-year pilot program and the eight-year deployment program, is estimated to be $23,042,080.14.  Funds for the service provider agreement for the pilot program in the amount of $136,169.06 are included in the FY 13/14 Utilities Operating Budget.  Funds for the system-wide AMI deployment program will be phased over an eight year period and budgeted annually in the Utilities Operating Budget. (#20140518-UTILITIES)




Accept $761,250 grant award for the Lee County Alico Road Phase II Force Main project:

Formal acceptance of the grant award from the State Financial Assistance Agreement (DEP Agreement No. LP36021) for the Lee County Alico Road Phase II Force Main project.  This is a Grant Fund Match in the amount of $761,250 from the State of Florida Grant Assistance pursuant to Line Item 1668A of the 2014-2015 General Appropriations Act.  The grant will partially fund construction of a proposed force main along Alico Road, from Ben Hill Griffin Parkway to Airport Haul Road.  The total cost of the project is $2,261,090.  A portion of the design and permitting was provided by a Federal Economic Development Administration fund for $211,071.  The amount covered by LCU is $2,050,019 and will be reimbursed by the benefitting Developers served by the new infrastructure. (#20140520-UTILITIES)




County Attorney



Set two public hearings to consider North Olga Planning Community amendments to the LDC:

Satisfies the Board policy to hold two public hearings to amend the LDC. Authorizes Staff to advertise and conduct the first public hearing on October 7, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. and the second public hearing on October 21, 2014 at 9:30 a.m., to adopt an Ordinance that will amend Chapters 14, 30, 33 and 34 of the LDC.  If adopted, the Ordinance will amend the LDC to provide for the following regulations for the North Olga Planning Community, consistent with Objective 35.1 of the Lee Plan:

        •   Establish a community review process for certain applications (Division 1);

        •   Establish design standards for water management, parking, architectural elements,

                   landscaping and signage (Division 2); and

        •   Establish regulations concerning home occupations with outside help (Division 3).




Schedule Oct 7, 2014  attorney/client session to discuss Pine Island Bert Harris litigation cases:

Provides for an attorney/client session to discuss settlement negotiations or strategy sessions related to litigation expenditures.  Pine Island Bert Harris litigation cases.  The opening of the public meeting will convene in the County Commission Chambers, and will adjourn to a closed session in the East Room.  Upon conclusion of the closed session, the public meeting will reconvene in the County Commission Chambers. (#20140528-COUNTY ATTORNEY)




Constitutional Officers



Approve and record County disbursements per Florida law:

Florida Statute Chapter 136.06(1) requires that all County disbursements be recorded in the Minutes of the Board.  This is for the check and wire registers viewable on the Clerk’s website.

(#20140357-CLERK OF COURTS)



Approve Minutes for meetings of the Board of County Commissioners:

Approval of the Board Minutes, pursuant to Florida Statute 286.011. (#20140523 CLERK OF COURTS)






Adopt a resolution to approve Petition to Vacate Case No. VAC2014-00004:

Vacates a portion of a Drainage and Public Utility Easement on an improved single family residential lot in Royal Tee Country Club Estates to allow for after-the-fact permit approval of a retaining wall. The vacation of this portion of the easement will not alter existing drainage and utility conditions and the subject portion of the easement is not necessary to accommodate any future drainage and/or utility requirement. (#20140428-COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT)




Consolidate the number of Community Park Impact Fee Districts from nine (9) to five (5):

Amends Land Development Code to simplify and reduce the number of Community Park impact fee districts, and provide greater flexibility to spend revenues on projects that benefit more than one Community Park impact fee district, similar to the procedure available for both school and road impact fees districts. (#20140499-COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT)






Approve settlement agreement in inverse condemnation case of Michael McGuigan v. Lee County:

Case No. 09CA-5689, for approval of a dock permit located at 18091 Cutlass Drive, Fort Myers Beach, Florida, 33931. (#20140294-COUNTY ATTORNEY)